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Hey everyone! Hope the season is treating you well. I'm very excited to share that on Dec 13th I'll be dropping a brand new holiday EP "Indian Christmas Time"! This will be 4 songs I've never released, but am so pumped to get in your ears. The title track "Indian Christmas Time" is about just that, being Indian and bracing for xmas insanity. "Christmas is Chembur" is a song about the faint but beautiful memory of my very first Christmas, which happened to be in the Chembur neighborhood. Speaking of neighborhoods... "Christmas Time in Jackson Ward" will be on this EP as well, a song about Richmond's holiday ongoings as seen from my corner of the world in Jackson Ward. The EP will conclude with "Devotion", a song about my parents and their tireless devotion to each other, my family, and the world around them. I could not think of a greater gift to get than having them as my family, felt right to deliver that sentiment with some music.

Indian Christmas Time EP

1- Indian Christmas Time

2- Christmas In Chembur

3- Christmas Time in Jackson Ward

4- Devotion

All proceeds from this will go directly to HomeAgain, a vital emergency shelter non profit taking care of many families and individuals in need of urgent shelter and care.

Thank you for an amazing year of love and support, let's close it out by spreading love to HomeAgain and turning up some desi holiday rock!

Dec've been warned!


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