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For over seventeen years now I've been involved with one of the best non profit arts organizations in town, Gallery5.

This organization is housed in the historic Steamer Co5 building in the historic Arts district of the Jackson Ward neighborhood. As an arts incubator and a cultural hub, this organization has seen a lot of changes happen in Richmond, VA.

While many of these changes have not impacted us, we recently had one big chance that will drastically alter the organization for ever, a new building owner. As we transition from the previous owner to the new one we're bracing for a myriad of upgrades, renovations, new processes, and more hard work. The good news though, Richmond does not lose one of the most vibrant art and cultural spaces in town. Gallery5 is a safe space for all people, encourages community interactions, provides opportunities to explore local art, and facilitates many events which further allows us to engage communities through the positive and inspiring impacts of art. 

Please join me in helping keep Gallery5 around, healthy, and well! Make a donation to support the cause at

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