I'm celebrating Diwali by releasing SLOWLY.

This is a song I wrote while in India a few years back, but I could never think of the final line to sum it all up. As I was leaving India and getting in my final hang with my grandmother, the topic of impermanence, her old age, and the pace of life came up. We chatted on how the world is moving at a faster and faster pace. I told her things need to get done quickly to ensure a better life for many. She pointed out that somethings should not be rushed though. I asked her for an example and she said (in translation from Gujarati) "I will love you slowly." Loving someone should not be rushed according to my grandmother. Cherish and simmer the love between each other slowly as the world moves on more quickly by the day. I miss my grandmother Hansa bhen every time I visit India, but her inspiration and dharmic presence appears anytime this song is hummed, sung, streamed, or performed live. I could not be more excited to share this one with you all.

SLOWLY will be released this Diwali weekend. Jai Ho and let love guide the way....quickly or slowly.

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May love and peace find you at some point today.